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How to live the 80/20 lifestyle

Nutrition is a complex and every ever-changing subject and it can be difficult to really know what to eat and what to avoid. We are constantly bombarded with diet culture telling us what to eat when to eat how to feel how to look. Nutrition is very individualized and should not fit in this little box where everybody needs to squeeze in. I feel that we are more disconnected to the food that we eat, now more than ever. We need to bring back that connection with food bring back that awareness and mindfulness surrounding our food and when we eat. Therefore, I created “Living the 80/20 Lifestyle Protocol” to help people get a better idea on where to start when it comes to feeding their bodies and enjoying the process. How much of the main macronutrients do you need? How much food do you really need? What types of food should I focus on?

Nutrition and mental health

“We’re in a bad-mood epidemic, a hundred times more likely to have significant mood problems than a hundred years ago. And these problems are on the rise. Adult rates of depression and anxiety have tripled since 1990, and over 80 percent of those who consult medical doctors today complain of excessive stress. Even our children are in trouble, with at least one in ten suffering from significant mood disorders.” Julia Ross

What you eat can deeply affect your mood and we go deep into how you can improve your life with simple nutrition.

Ditching diets

Why do we diet? Why do we eat? What factors influences our food choices and how can we break free of dieting and diet culture?

This presentation is about your mind and body connection. The current model of weight loss doesn’t have a good track record. Karine understands that that this can be a sensitive subject for some people she is not here to pass judgment, she wishes to guide people into changing their views on dieting and help them feel better about food choices and help guide them make that lifestyle change. The goal of this presentation is to:

  1. Look at the root cause and reasons why we diet
  2. Dive into the weight factors and learn what is impeding on our weight loss goals
  3. Look at how some foods can be detrimental to our health
  4. Explore why diets don’t work in general
  5. Understand what our cravings are telling us and how we can change old habits
  6. Provide some tips on how to make life a little easier

Metabolic Balance Program

Spread to word about this amazing program! The Metabolic Balance program explained in detail to future clients, groups, or organizations.

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