Metabolic Optimization Protocol

This unique nutritional protocol is an in depth and individualized plan that takes into account blood work, medical and personal history, current diet and lifestyle as well as other important factors. You will receive one on one coaching for 3 months with Karine as well as a private session with our physician to assess any important or often overlooked health concerns.

What do you get with this protocol?

Session with Dr. Blaine, MD.

  • 7 day detox protocol with meal plan included
  • 12 weeks of coaching by RHN Karine
  • Weekly check in meetings to assess progress, questions and concerns
  • 21-day meal plan custom for your needs
  • Important resources on lifestyle change presented in the form of 7 pillars of health that Karine will guide you through.

Expect to feel better, sleep better, lower inflammation, reduce cravings, release extra weight, have more energy and improve your relationship with food.

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