Meal Plans

If you simply need a kick to get back on track, meal plans are a great place to start. Work with Karine to get a customized 14 or 28 day meal plan that suits your needs. Address specific health issues or simply work on a personal goal, we can tailor these plans for you. Ask us how you can get your hands on these easy, ready for you, complete meal plans and simplify your life!

Whether you wish to lower inflammation, improve blood sugar, reduce joint pain or control menopausal symptoms, these plans can be customized for those needs, and much more!

We also offer 7 day generic meal plans for those that are just curious to get started. Plans like:

  • 15 ingredients program
  • One pan meal program
  • Freezer meals program
  • Healthy and affordable
  • Pressure cooker program
  • Kid friendly lunch program
  • Quick and easy program
  • Meal prep mania program and more!

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