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8 week - 7 Pillars Program

During these 8 weeks of coaching, you will receive your personalized assessment and learn what I consider to be the 7 pillars of health. These 7 pillars are what I feel you need to live a healthy and happy life. We will discuss these in depth, and I will help you start implementing these pillars in your everyday life one at a time. Some might be easier and simpler than others but essentially, we want to ease you into a healthier and happier lifestyle by following these pillars.

The goal is to have these pillars become part of your routine and implement them on a daily basis. You will have access to me at any time through email or on the Practice Better messaging if you have questions or concerns. We will discuss goals and objectives as well as some homework. If you require additional sessions, there will be extra charges. Prices may vary.

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After completing a thorough assessment through the NutiBody® questionnaire, Karine can assess any bodily signs that might relate to nutrient deficiencies or system imbalances. All her recommendations are based on this questionnaire, your health concerns, lifestyle, and habits that were discussed in the initial consultation. Here is a sample of the analysis from the NutriBody®. Note that Karine includes more in-depth analysis, reasoning and connection between the imbalances and your main health concerns.

Analysis Sample .PDF

You will be meeting with Karine for 4 sessions in 8 week period. On top of your personalized assessment, Karine will go through what she feels are the 7 pillars of health.

What are these Pillars?

  1. Hydration
  2. Proper and complete nutrition
  3. Quality sleep
  4. Exercise and movement
  5. Good relationships and Gratitude
  6. Stress management
  7. Pleasure and laughter

Session 1. 60 min duration

The first session will be to go through your personalized protocol and Karine will explain it in detail. This will include supplementation, food recommendations, lifestyle changes to implement.

Session 2. 45 min duration

We will do a brief overview of previous pillars (1-2-3)

Food talk: This session is geared to focus on the essentials; water, protein, fats and carbs. Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated but it can be confusing with all the information we are exposed to on a daily basis. Nutrition is very individualized and I will teach you the basics of intuitive eating and how to ditch the diet mentality. We might address possible deficiencies and supplementation.

Sleep the night away: Sleep is highly underrated when we talk about health. Sleep should be more prioritized as it plays a major role in mood, hormone balance, weight, energy, cravings, productivity and more. This session will be focusing on getting you ready for the best sleep of your life. We will address what might be lacking in your sleep routine.

Get moving: We will discuss how to start getting your body to move in any way possible. Exercise doesn't have to leave you in a sweaty pool or incapable of walking for 3 days. Movement and exercise are critical for longevity and overall health. We will discuss what type of exercise or movement is suitable and right for you and how to implement and incorporate movement in your daily life.

Session 3. 45 min duration

We will do a brief overview of previous pillars (4-5-6)

Keep your friends close: For this pillar, we see if the relationships in your life are beneficial and conducive to how you want to live your life. Are they fulfilling you or draining you? I am not a therapist or an expert in relationships but sometimes just talking about this can be therapeutic.

Be grateful: This is something that most of us do not practice enough. It is such a simple act and takes no time, no material, no money. It’s free to do and it’s good for the soul. We will talk about the benefits and why you should practice gratitude everyday.

Managing stress:In this pillar we will discuss the most profound X-factor; Stress! We will discuss the different types of stress, how to deal and overcome, how to identify the stressors. I feel that many people believe that they have stress under control but once you peel the layers we find out that it’s been lurking all this time.

Session 4. 45 min duration

We will do a brief overview of previous pillars (7)

The fourth and final session will be finalizing all that you have learned and ensuring that your protocol is in place and that you are comfortable continuing with your wellness journey.

Have fun, laugh more: This is really to try and let go and be more present. We do not take enough time for the simple things in life. We will discuss how we can bring more pleasure in our lives and how we can simply be happy.

Why should you sign up?

I truly believe that everybody wants to live a healthy and happy life. I also believe that most of us are not quite sure how to achieve certain goals without help. I am here to give you the extra little nudge you need to reach that goal, to feel better, to laugh more and to live your best life. I will be with you every step of the way ensuring that you stay the course and keep your focus. I am not here to tell you what to do or not to do. I am here to guide you into making better decisions for yourself and decide what works for you as an individual. We are all very different and have different needs. We do not all fit in one box. Let me be your partner in your journey to better health.

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